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Ensemble Calliope Ensembles/ orchestra

Calliope is a new and innovative ensemble, formed around Diederik Ornée. The core consists of five musicians from four different countries who know each other from their many years of concert practice. Together they founded calliope to offer a stage to an unknown member of the clarinet family: the chalumeau (plural: chalumeaux). As with the recorder, there are several relatives: the soprano, alto, tenor and bass chalumeau. 

The instrument has only existed for about a century, from ca. 1700 to 1800. The clarinet was developed from the chalumeau and eventually proved to be more versatile; with that, the chalumeau disappeared from the scene. In the century in which the instrument has existed, beautiful music has been written for it, especially in Vienna (Fux), Darmstadt (Graupner), Hamburg (Telemann) and Dresden (Zelenka). The combination of two chalumeaux, violin and continuo provides unlimited possibilities for original and adapted repertoire. 

The members of Calliope offer in their programs a charming combination of beautiful music on unkonwn instruments with a live explanation from the musicians about the music and the instruments in between. 

Program 2022/2023

Introducing: The Chalumeau!


Unknown but not unloved: in this first Calliope program we introduce the chalumeau to you. You will hear soprano, alto, tenor and baschalum in varying combinations. The program includes works by the great masters of the chalumeau repertoire, in which we present this forerunner of th clarinet in a virtuoso way. 

G. Ph. Telemann (1681 – 1767)                   Concerto voor 2 chalumeaux in d klein, TWV 52

                                                                       largo – allegro – adagio – (geen titel)


J. A. Hasse (1699 – 1783)                            Sonate voor chalumeau, hobo, fagot en continuo

                                                                       adagio – allegretto – adagio – allegretto


C. Graupner (1683 – 1760)                          Concerto voor 2 chalumeaux in C groot

                                                                       vivace – andante – allegro


G. Ph. Telemann                                           Concerto voor 2 chalumeaux in C groot

                                                                       dolce – allegro – largo – allegro

Calliope – programma 2: ca. 60 minuten


...better than the human voice?


Today a forgotten instrument, but much loved in the 18th century in Germany, Italy and Austria: this program offers a cross-section of the chamber music repertoire for chalumeau. The line up varies from trio to quintet, with, in addition to original works for chalumeau, also an arrangement of a beautiful aria by Bononcini, where you can experience how close the sound of the chalumeau comes to the human voice. 

C. Graupner (1683 – 1760)                          Ouverture voor nr. 73 in C groot voor 3 chalumeaux


G. Ph. Telemann (1681 – 1767)                   Sonate in F groot, TWV 43

                                                                       (geen titel) – allegro – grave – vivace


A. M. Bononcini (1677 – 1726)                    aria uit de opera ‘Il trionfo della grazia’:

arr. Schlepp                                                   Godo ma come non so


J. A. Hasse (1699 – 1783)                            Sonate voor chalumeau, hobo, fagot en continuo

                                                                       adagio – allegretto – adagio – allegretto



G. Ph. Telemann                                           Triosonate in C groot, TWV 42

                                                                       dolce – allegro – grave – vivace