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Intercontinental Ensemble* Ensembles/ orchestra

The Intercontinental Ensemble is an ensemble that consists out of 9 players from over the whole world. They combine 4 string and 5 wind players. The group was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, with members from Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.


Next to performing the standard repertoire for nonet, they decided arrange symphonies for their formation. Through their arrangements, they give new life to these well-known pieces and are able to bring them to locations where a regular sized orchestra doesn’t fit.


In September 2018, a first CD was released at the label TRPTK, containing their interpretations of great symphonies by Schubert, Brahms and Beethoven.

They’ve performed in major Dutch concert halls such asConcertgebouw, Muziekgebouw ah IJ, Schiermonnikoog Festival and were also invited abroad to perform in Belgium, Italy and Mexico.


They also love to collaborate with other musicians and composers and have collaborated as such with Severin von Eckardstein, Wim Henderickx, Ekaterina Levental, Marieke Vos, Bianca Bongers and Gabriel Lubell.




Stars indicate original compositions.


Concert 1: Oostenrijk

- Ludwig van Beethoven: Symfonie N.2 (30”)

- Franz Schubert: Symfonie N.8 “Onvoltooide” (28”)

Possibly combine with Bohuslav Martinu’s nonet*, the standard piece for this line-up

Concert 2: Mediterranië

-    Claude Debussy: Suite Bergamasque (18”)

-    Isaac Albéniz: Iberia (20”)

-    Louise Farrenc: Nonette, op.38 (30”)*

Concert 3: Schatten van Vrouwen

-    Louise Farrenc: Nonette op.38 (30”)*

-    Bianca Bongers: Collage van een achtvlak  (15”)*

-    Clara Schumann: Romanzen op.21 (12”)

Concert 4: Tsjechse klanken

-    Bohuslav Martinů: Nonet, H374 (18”)

-    Leoš Janáček: V mlhách (In the mist) (15”)

-    Antonín Dvořák: Slavische dansen (35”)


With cello:

-    Schumann: Cello Concerto in A minor (30”)

-    Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony 3 “Schotse”: (32”)

Met viool:

-    Robert Schumann: Violin Concerto in D minor (30”)

-    Felix Mendelssohn, Symfonie 4 (33”) / Franz Schubert: Octet (58”)*

Met piano:

-    Robert Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor (30”)

-    Beethoven Symphony N.2  (30”)



Concert 1: Under the spell of Schubert


Ensemble + 2 singers (tenor/baritone and sopra), lengte 60”


Collection of Goethe songs: (in collaboration with Noorderkerk concerts)

- Erlkönig (tenor / baritone)

- Gretchen am Spinnrade (Soprano)

- Wandrer’s Nachtlied (tenor / baritone)

- An Schwager Kronos (tenor / baritone)

- Der Rattenfänger (tenor / baritone)

- Meeresstille (tenor / baritone)

- Nähe des Geliebten (soprano)

- Ganymed (soprano)

- Heiss mich nicht reden (soprano)


Concert 2: “In Motu” (CD program)


Instrumentation: Ensemble (9), lengte 70”


Bohuslav Martinu: Nonet (15)

Nino Rota: Nonetto (30)

Felix Mendelssohn: Symfonie 4 (30)


Concert 3 “Wonder Women” (CD-program)


Instrumentation: Ensemble (9), lengte 60”

- Louise Farrenc: Nonette

- Bianca Bongers: Collage van een achtvlak

- Sarah Neutkens: September

- Aregnaz Martirosyan: Emotional Diversity


Interesting for contemporary festivals, 3 of the 4 works are by young composers.