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Combattimento* Ensembles/ orchestra

Energetic, fiery, and style-conscious: that's how one can describe the Combattimento way of playing. Combattimento's primary artistic goal is the lively and accessible presentation of both well-known and newly discovered works from the Baroque period. Individual solistic qualities combined with close-knit ensemble playing has developed into a unique sound and style over the years.

Their renowned way of playing has become known as the 'Combattimento-style'. All members proffer a wealth of musical knowledge and experience to audiences and musicians all over the world. To present the most varied interpretation possible of music from the Baroque period, Combattimento frequently seeks collaboration with top soloists as Liza Ferschtman, Maarten Koningberger and Gordan Nikolic. The ensemble also works together with other well-established creative companies in the Netherlands such as the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and the Nationale Reisopera. The ensemble has traveled all over the world under the name of Combattimento Consort Amsterdam, directed by violinist Jan Willem de Vriend. Testimony of their artistic prominence can be found on more than 35 CD and DVD productions.


Members are:

Violin: Quirine van Hoek | Cynthia Freivogel

Viola: Marjolein Dispa

Violoncello: Diederik van Dijk

Double bass: Erik Olsman

Harpsichord: Pieter Dirksen

Chitarrone: Sören Leupold

Oboe: Bram Kreeftmeijer







Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre (1665-1729):      

Suite “Céphale et Procris” (arrangement) – Violin Sonata IV in G major                   


Komitas Vardapet (1869-1935):

Two National Anthems


Maddalena Laura Syrmen (1735-1799)                 

Strijkkwartet in B flat major (opus 3/2) – Violin Concerto in A major (opus 2/3)           


Ludovico Syrmen (1738-1792)                                  

Violin Concerto                                                                                                            


Wilhelmina von Bayreuth (1709-1758)

Harpsichord concerto in G minor


Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Violin Concerto in C minor RV 771, “per Anna Maria” (reconstruction)

Sirènes with the top violinist CHOUCHANE SIRANOSSIAN- with, for example, the violin concerto of Vivaldi en Ludovico Syrmen (1738-1792)

Angelo solitario

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741 ):  Concertp for strings in D major, RV 121

                               Allegro molto – Adagio – Allegro

Luigi Boccherini (1743-1807) :  Sextet in f minor , opus 23/4                                            

                               Allegro moderato – Menuet – Grave Assai – Allegro

Giovanni Sollima (*1962 ):   from  ‘L.B. files’: ‘Igiul’, for cello and strings

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for violin and two cello’s in C-groot, RV 561                                                    

                                Allegro – Largo – Allegro


Charles Avison: Concerto grosso V in d minor  ( Domenico Scarlatti) 1709‐1770                                

                                  Largo – Allegro – Moderato – Allegro

Peteris Vasks  (*1946):  ‘Lonely Angel’, voor viool en strijkers (1999/2006)      

Antonio Vivaldi : Concerto for violin and cello in Bes-groot, RV 547

                                   Allegro – Andante – Allegro molto


The French Connection

François Couperin (1668-1733 ):  Sonate ‘La Convalescente’                                                       

                                                           Gravement – Vivement – Lentement – Air: Gracieusement -  Lentement - Vivement

Maurice Ravel  (1875-1937): Le Tombeau de Couperin:                                                

                                                        * Fugue (arrangement for stringquartet )                                                                                                                                                                  * Menuet (arrangement for cello and harpischord)

François Couperin :   La Ténébreuse (Tombeau?) in c-minor, voor harpsichord

Johann Georg Pisendel (1687-1755): violin concerto in F-major                                                           

                                                       Allegro – Larghetto – Allegro assai


Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685-1750) :Sonate in g-minor  (BWV 528a), for violin, altviolin and bc

                                                      (reconstructed: P. Dirksen)                                                      

                                                         Adagio/Vivace – Andante – Un poc’ allegro   

Oswaldo Golijov (* 1960):  Tenebrae (2002), for string quartet              

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) : Quator in e-minor (TWV 43: e5)                                             

                                                        Vivement – Gravement – Gigue 

Harmonia Parnassia (met hobo)

Carel Hacquart (c.1640-1701) : Sonata Nona in B major (Harmonia Parnassia),

                                      for two violins, altviolin and  bc

Pietro Andrea Ziani (1616-1684 ):  Sonata Nona in e-minor  (opus 7)                            

                                         for two violins, altviolin and  bc

Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1751): Grave & Fuga in A-major (Sonata terza, opus 1)                     

                               for two violins and  bc

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):   Fuga op hetzelfde thema (BWV 950)

                                       for harpischord 

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741):  Concerto in F-major (RV 455)                                 

                                        for oboe strings and bc


Carel Hacquart : Sonata Settima in G-major (Harmonia Parnassia),

                                      for violin, altviolin and bc

Anoniem  (c.1730) :  Sonate in A-major          

                                       for oboe d’amore, violin and bc     

Carel Hacquart:  Sonata Ottava in e- minor (Harmonia Parnassia),

                                       for two violins, altviolin and  bc

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in C-groot (RV 114),

                                        for two violins, altviolin and  bc

Harmonia Parnassia (met strijkers)

Carel Hacquart (c.1640-1701):  Sonata Nona in B major (Harmonia Parnassia),

                                    for two violins, altviolin and  bc

Pietro Andrea Ziani   (1616-1684):  Sonata Nona in e-minor (opus 7)                            

                                      for two violins, altviolin and  bc

Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1751):  Grave & Fuga in A-major (Sonata terza, opus 1)                     

                                       for two violins, and  bc

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):   Fuga  (BWV 950)

                                         for harpischord 

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741 ) : Concerto in d-minor (RV 395)                                  

                                         for oboe d’amore, strings and bc     


Carel Hacquart : Sonata Settima in G-major (Harmonia Parnassia),

                                            for violins, altviolin and  bc

Tomaso Albinoni  (1671-1751 ):  Sinfonia in g-kminor        

                                        for two violins, altviolin and  bc         

Carel Hacquart : Sonata Ottava in e-minor (Harmonia Parnassia),

                                         for two violins, altviolin and  bc

Antonio Vivaldi:  Concerto in C-groot (RV 114), 

                                         for two violins, altviolin and  bc