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Marnix Willem Steffen Conductor

"I encountered Marnix Willem Steffen at the Cadaques Conducting Competition, and was impressed by his ability to understand and convery his musicianship. The orchestra was obviously of the same opinion, performing very well for him. All of this augurs well for a succesful career as a conductor and music director." --- Sir Neville Marriner, Orquestra de Cadaqués

The surprising life of Dutch conductor Marnix Willem Steffen took him abroad for twenty years, living in Spain and South America. Through the many adventures, encounters with orchestras, concerts and beautiful stories, he has become one of the most versatile conductors of his generation.

After his debut in 2005 with the Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, his performances brought him from big concert halls to little churches and from the Andes to the Amazon. Connected with embassies and authorities he was responsible for innovating concerts and the realization of an important cultural exchange between Europe and South America. He has been decorated with the High Honorific Distinction of Culture in Peru and by the Andean Community for his commitment and spiritual involvement.

Last year he came back from South America to The Netherlands on a repatriation flight, because of the pandemic. Now, starting over again, he will make his debut in January 2022 with PHION, symphony orchestra of Arnhem, conducting Mahler #1.

Recognition/ awards

Special recognition by the Andean Community for his musical and spiritual innvolvement (2017). 

Publication of the photobook "A trip in B minor", about his music-travel to Ayacucho (2016). 

Premiere of the 2nd Symphony by Brahms in Zamora, at the border of the Amazon (2014). 

Jury member at the International Violin Competition "Premio Rodolfo Lipizer"" (2014)

Decorated with the "High Honorific Distinction of Culture"in Peru (2013). 

Special recommendations by Sir Neville Marriner at the International Conducting Competition of Cadaqués (2005).